Crisis Pregnancy Center

Crisis Pregnancy Center was established with a goal to provide counselling assistance in cases of unplanned pregnancy, post-abortion, miscarriage or after experiencing a loss of a young child. We wish to assist anyone in need of support to overcome the pain of their loss.

Crisis Pregnancy Center representatives visit schools and communicate with adolescents about relationships, values, sexual health issues, etc.

Crisis Pregnancy Center is a Public Benefit Organization organization and offers its services (including material assistance and consultations in crisis pregnancy situations) free of charge. Post-abortion consultations are offered by donation. All services are strictly confidential.

Crisis Pregnancy Center staff are knowledgeable volunteers who have completed UK-certified and approved training programs and have received skills and knowledge to assist people in crisis situations. 


The work to establish the Crisis Pregnancy Center begun in August of 2005. The new organization was registered on November 11,2005. Potential volunteers started their training in January of 2006 with a first group graduating in the summer of 2006. On August 1,2006 the Crisis Pregnancy Center Riga Office opened its doors and successfully functions to this day. More than 100 volunteers have completed their training in Riga. Additional volunteer groups have gone through the training course in Kuldiga, Kandava, Ogre, Jelgava, Ventspils, Liepaja, as well as several individuals from Jekabpils, Sigulda, Malpils have attended it as well.


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